Kosuke Kawamura Off

Born 1979 in Hiroshima and currently living in Tokyo, K. Kawamura produces old-school collage art with paper, glue & a cutter, re-interpreting pop and manga with a psychedelic punk touch. Highly active in the Tokyo underground scene, he is the Art Director of underground magazine Erect and has held many exhibitions both on his own –such as one with Winston Smith's support (who worked extensively for The Dead Kennedys), before they published their collaboration book «22 idols»– and has appeared in many collective shows. He also developped the main visuals for a Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of «Akira») retrospective. He has covered most media in his career: books, dvd/cd cover art, advertising, apparel and poster art (LUFF Does Tokyo). He sometimes also works «live», with DJs & musicians.