Music In Films / Documentaries Cinéma

Each year LUFF presents a selection of films related to music. This year this encounter takes place through a program of documentaries with an experimental trend, whose atmosphere, sometimes bitter, sometimes ethereal, plunges us into brutally opposed worlds. And so we discover the latest movie of Richard Sandler, the author of «Gods of Times Square» who visited us in 2008. The pure «MIF» will sail towards the Hollywood underground scene with «Road Dogs», sort of decadent rock'n'roll «On the Road» and will fork off to the punk scents of Oi Polloi with the well named «Oi Polloi: The Movie» which will serve as nibble to the concert of the Scottish anarchists. As to the head of the Metamkine label, Jerome Noetinger, he will offer a selection of experimental works around the materiality of sound and image.