Richard Stanley: OcCult Movies Cinéma

Richard Stanley is a rebellious character. Born in 1966 in South Africa, he moved to London in exile in the mid-80's in order to escape imprisonment because of his anti-apartheid convictions. After having gained some experience in making two short productions he made two cult movies, «Hardware» (1990), a small budget Sci-Fi that makes use of a visual style from videos he filmed for PIL or Fields of the Nephilim and «Dust Devil» (1992). Strong personality, he sabotaged his debuts in Hollywood as he turned Marlon Brando and the entire production team of the 1966 version of «The Island of Dr. Moreau» against him, and was eventually fired after a few days on the shooting scene. He returned afterwards in the form of a human beast, hidden among the crowd actors, to witness the downfall of a largely chaotic filming. Stanley is also an anthropologist enamoured with the occult sciences that he inherited from his mother, herself an anthropologist with an interest in African folklore and witchcraft. These interests, which can be seen in «Dust Devil» and influenced his version of Dr. Moreau, blossomed at the turn of the millennium and can be largely observed in the documentaries presented at LUFF. After a short movie made in 2006 followed by a contribution to the scenario of the «The Abandonned» (2006) by Nacho Cerdà the same year, he made a comeback into the limelight with a segment of «The Theatre Bizarre» (2011). Today, he finalizes the post-production for his new documentary «The Other World».