Cutting/Gluing Workshop


The art of collage was formalised about a century ago, and keeps producing prolific off-shoots with the advent of CGI. Carrying on the tradition in the steps of pioneers such as «Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Alexandre Rodtchenko, Hanna Höch»… the independent artist Kosuke Kawamura has agreed to disclose a few tricks on the occasion of his exhibition at Galerie HumuS. Connecting opposites, realising the improbable, conjuring up the impossible, four hours of this old-school workshop will be lead by a new master of the art from 1 to 5pm, before the inauguration of the art show where the workshop creations will join the artist's works until the end of the festival.

Furnitures to take with you: a cutter, magazines, a ruler, glue.

Schedule: Wed. 17.10, from 13:00 to 17:00

Max. 12 participants.


  • Kosuke Kawamura


  • Yann Grivet