Sonic Chewing Workshop

Sonic Chewing

Yan Jun has been a key actor since the 90's in the Chinese underground rock scene and in musical experimentation. He explores the sonic aspects of our daily lives, especially those we typically don't question and take for granted, such as eating without making a noise in Europe. Why are Westerners in China so embarrassed to hear noises they have been taught not to make? Yan Jun sends us a reflection of our cultural conditioning by focusing our attention on the filters which make up perception in general and listening in particular, showing that our conceptions are shaped by systems of control, both in China and in Europe!

A sunflower seed addict himself, the artist also requests that each participant take a little snack with him/her.

Planning, Thursday Oct. 18 from 14:00 to 16:30
- Introduction by Yan Jun (30min)
- Workshop & collective performance (2h)

Max. 15 participants


  • Yan Jun


  • Christian Indermuhle