The Secret Glory

  • Richard Stanley
  • 2001
  • 90'
  • United Kingdom
  • Video (Proj. Video)
  • English (Sous-titre: EN)
  • Couleur
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

The documentary «The Secret Glory» relates the life and death of Otto Rahn, a German archaeologist and writer who published two books about the legend of the Holy Graal and the Crusade against the Albigeois called «Croisade contre le Graal» (1933) and «La cour de Lucifer» (1937). Obsessed by the Holy Graal, he convinced himself that it must be concealed in Montsegur Castle in the Pyrenees mountains. His publications attracted Heinrich Himmler's interests, as a great admirer of esotericism who welcomed Rahn into the SS ranks as the official archaeologist of the IIIrd Reich. A bliss or a curse at the same time for someone who was facing great financial difficulties pursuing his research at Montsegur Castle. The movie looks into Rahn's motivation and describes his personality while trying to reconstruct the path that was followed by him, focusing on his theories and obsessions. A tedious and lengthy work due to the lack of existing archives, but also fascinating, thanks to the generous number of precious testimonies he managed to collect, resulting in a rather sad portrait of someone who was supposedly the main inspiration for the «Raiders of the Lost Ark».


  • Richard Stanley


  • Richard Stanley


  • Simon Boswell


  • Richard Stanley