In a Glass Cage Tras el cristal

  • Agustí Villaronga
  • 1987
  • 110'
  • Spain
  • 35 mm (Proj. HD)
  • Spanish (Sous-titre: FR)
  • Couleur
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

Following a failed suicide attempt, a former Nazi pedophile ends up prisoner of a glass cage allowing him to live with an artificial breathing support. Unable to deal with the situation, his wife wants to hire a nurse. Enters Angelo, a young male nurse just out of his teenage years. Visually stunning, yet deeply disturbing, this thriller from Agustí Villaronga hasn't lost an ounce of its subversive appeal in 25 years.


  • Agustí Villaronga


  • Günter Meisner
  • David Sust
  • Marisa Paredes


  • Agustí Villaronga


  • Javier Navarrete


  • Teresa Enrich