The German Chainsaw Massacre. The First Hour of Reunification Das deutsche Kettensägenmassaker. Die erste Stunde der Wiedervereinigung

  • Christoph Schlingensief
  • 1990
  • 63'
  • Germany
  • 16 mm (Proj. 35 mm)
  • German (Sous-titre: EN)
  • Couleur
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

The movie opens with archival footage showing the euphoria sparked by the German reunification. The will to promote peace in a united Europe is reinforced in an official speech. Still, these words of welcome are soon countered by a text saying that since the opening of the border in late 1989, a lot of citizens from DDR can't yet cross the border. Fleeing from Leipzig after a ruthless murder, a young woman joins her lover, Artur. Their reunion is interrupted by an assailant in a yellow raincoat. Seeking help in a motel, Clara discovers a small family business and their kinky and carnivorous relationships. People from East Germany are killing their family to go west in order to take part of the economic boom, and people from Western Germany are killing to make a business out of their flesh. Motivated by profit, the predators hunt the East Germans with chainsaws and batons. Although this transition period seemed to open possibilities, the closing lines state that everything has an end, except hope.


  • Christoph Schlingensief


  • Udo Kier
  • Alfred Edel
  • Dietrich Kuhlbrodt
  • Karina Fallenstein


  • Christoph Schlingensief


  • Jacques Arr


  • Christian Fürst
  • Christoph Schlingensief


  • Filmgalerie 451