The Cremator Spalovač mrtvol

  • Juraj Herz
  • 1969
  • 95'
  • Czech Republic
  • 35 mm (Proj. 35 mm)
  • Czech (Sous-titre: FR)
  • Noir & Blanc
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

Juraj Herz, orinially from the Slovakian part of Czechoslovakia, studied and created works of dramatic art, with Jan Svankmajer among others, as an author and actor. Between 1968 and 1969 he shot his first feature «The Cremator». This anti-totalitarianist horror film was quickly censored and its author lost his freedom of expression for several decades. The story focuses on the owner of a small crematorium that praises its use at dinner parties. Obsessed by success and a growing feeling of belonging to the German people, he wants to expand his business for the benefit of the Third Reich, knowing that his own family actually has some Jewish blood. Intelligently orchestrated, using strong political metaphors and anti-conformist criticism, this film features morbid poetry together with an absurd and burlesque set-up with characters all insane.


  • Juraj Herz


  • Rudolf Hrusínský
  • Vlasta Chramostová
  • Jana Stehnová


  • Ladislav Fuks
  • Juraj Herz


  • Zdenek Liska


  • Filmové studio Barrandov


  • Ateliery Bonton Zlin