Bullet Collector Sobiratel pul

  • Alexander Vartanov
  • 2011
  • 120'
  • Russia
  • HD
  • Russian (Sous-titre: EN)
  • Noir & Blanc
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

A fourteen-year-old teenager hates his life and tries to escape from a reality in which he feels weak and coward. In between an initiatory journey and a slow plunge into darkness, he helplessly faces events that happen around him and invents his own reality, one in which he plays a noble and fearless role. Evoking the universal theme of the difficult transition into adulthood, the film describes the contradictions within a society that leaves kids on their own while demanding from them adult behavior. From the many humiliations suffered at school, in the streets and at home, to the correctional house where the boy ends up, everything reminds us of Andreï Tarkovsky's «Ivan's Childhood» (1962) and François Truffaut's «The 400 Blows», although shot in a more brutal and ruthless fashion. Admitting his admiration for the French New Wave director, Alexander Vartanov offers a homage transposed to a Russian reality, in other words cruel and hard as iron. After having been a journalist and a theater Director for about a decade, this partly self-produced feature is the Moscow filmmaker's first. He happens to be already on the post-production of his latest film, «Till Night Tear Us Apart».


  • Alexander Vartanov


  • Ruslan Nazarenko
  • Aleksandr Userdin
  • Yuliya Aug


  • Alexander Vartanov
  • Yuriy Klavdiev


  • Aleksei Aigi


  • Alexander Vartanov
  • Elena Stepanischeva


  • Alpha Violet