The 120 Days of Bottrop Die 120 Tage von Bottrop. Der letzte Neue Deutsche Film

  • Christoph Schlingensief
  • 1997
  • 60'
  • Germany
  • 16 mm (Proj. HD)
  • German (Sous-titre: EN)
  • Noir & Blanc + Couleur
  • Âge légal: 16 ans

At the beginning of the film, disturbed Director Sönke Buckmann wins an award as excited TV viewers watch. Next, Buckmann is chosen to direct the latest New German Cinema movie, replacing Christoph (performed by Martin Wuttke). A remake of «Salò» or «The 120 Days of Sodom» (1975), by Pasolini, was set to be filmed at Potsdamer Platz, the largest construction site in Europe. One of the main actresses, Irm Hermann, who acted in a dozen films for Fassbinder, is present at the producer's despotic casting session. During the height of the German cinema (1960-1980), movies pleased the audience with the originality of the film-makers' work and the fact that the producers didn't need to be offered any «favors». However, the sensitivities of actors and directors were ruffled by the brutality of the economic system. After questioning what is at stake when making a movie at the turn of the century, the potential nostalgia was kept at bay through situational comedy, and despair led to unexpected renewals.


  • Christoph Schlingensief


  • Udo Kier
  • Margrit Carstensen
  • Irm Hermann
  • Volker Spengler


  • Christoph Schlingensief
  • Oskar Roehler


  • Helge Schneider


  • DEM Film
  • Neue Volkskunst
  • Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg
  • Österreichischer Rundfunk


  • Filmgalerie 451