Road Dogs

  • Shane Aquino
  • 2011
  • 85'
  • United States
  • HD
  • English
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  • Âge légal: 16 ans

To be on the road crossing the United States with some of the sickest bands of the Hollywood underground scene is priceless. Shane Aquino has done that for a few years and cumulated hours of rushes nearby the hardcore group h.t.t.h. (Heavenly Trip to Hell), the glam rock Peppermint Creeps and the black metal band Kettle Cadaver. Extreme behaviors artists who don't hesitate to dump many things that others would have preferred to keep silent in front of Aquino's lens.

Besides the performances from the slimy 80's fluorescent show of the Peppermint Creeps to the self-mutilation sessions of the Kettle Cadaver's singer that makes a choir singer of GG Allin, hardly nothing that happens behind the scene is kept apart. Road Dogs is the roadie perfect guide after which every documentary about music tour will seem pretty flat.


  • Shane Aquino


  • Shane Aquino