Kevin Drumm

  • United States

In the 90's Chicago post-rock context (Tortoise, Jim O'Rourke), Kevin Drumm at first using mainly his guitar created by himself over a long period –and with 30 albums– an autonomous music and sound that remained central to the constellation of improvised music, radical electronica, and drone. All of this led Kasper T. Toeplitz to say that the music of KD is «a sort of geological core of music, the perpendicular axe of drone. Where Phill Niblock or La Monte Young explore time, and only allow the beauty of their minimal variations to be known through duration, here it is absent, time has stopped.» (TW)

(Kasper T. Toeplitz, «Kevin Drumm; Necro Acoustic», «Revue & Corrigée», n° 85, Septembre 2010, p. 31.)