Five Workshops: The Know-how of (Un)doing

A different workshop will take place each day of the festival at a different independent cultural location in Lausanne to encourage the transmission of some of the guest artist's «savoir faire». All five workshops are articulated around the concept of «un-making» («dé-faire»): they will explore artistic and home-crafted techniques of deconstruction and/or appropriation of cultural values and everyday gestures.


  • Cutting/Gluing (K. Kawamura): WED 17.10.12
  • Sonic Chewing (Y. Jun): THU 18.10.12
  • Gender does LUFF (V. Marzouk): THU 18; FRI 19; SAT 20.10.12
  • EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena - (M. Esposito): THU 18; FRI 19; SAT 20.10.12
  • Dé-tournage - The Projector as a Music Instrument - (G. Pope; Ch. Auger; X. Quérel): FRI 19; SAT 20.10.12




The workshops are open to all, especially students wishing to develop new techniques they won't come across in their courses. Please sign up by email, with the name of the workshop in the subject.

Online registration required (for one or several workshop-s) by writing to before Wednesday October 17th, 2012.

Price: 10.- CHF per day and per workshop (negociable).

For further informations, please access workshops' pages through timetable below.



The art of collage was formalised about a century ago, and keeps producing prolific off-shoots with the advent of CGI. Carrying on the tradition in the steps of pioneers such as «Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Alexandre Rodtchenko, Hanna Höch»… the independent artist Kosuke Kawamura has...

  • 17.10
    Librairie HumuS