David Dunn / Extractions des espaces sauvages, cybernétique de l’écoute, écologie sonore

This is the fourth volume in the Rip on/off collection of book/CD sets published by van Dieren, the result of a collaboration between the LUFF and Le Groupe de la Riponne  whose aim is to document and share innovative and marginalized musical experimentations with a mainstream audience. Previous publications include Physiques Sonores by Zbigniew Karkowski, Saccages by GX Jupitter-Larsen, and Parataxes by Michael Gendreau. Now we are delighted to present the work of David Dunn. We offer a new collection of texts from this composer of sound art who specializes in acoustic ecology. Dunn is primarily renowned for his fundamental contributions to the field of environmental music. By intersecting the resources of cybernetics theory (Bateson, Varela), Deep Ecology, and contemporary musicologist thinking, Dunn attempts to conceive and experiment with a new mapping of acoustic spaces in his writings and compositions. This thought-process and practice led him to reaffirm the social responsibility of the artist towards Nature. Dunn refuses to think that social and natural spaces are irreversibly deteriorating. Taking into account the total transformation of Earth by human activity, Dunn sets out to find the fragile trails of a renewed homeostatis, allowing the human and non-human world to communicate and live together. The book is accompanied by an original CD, Espaces déserts, composed by David Dunn for this publication.


Groupe de la Riponne

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