Yan Jun / Génération dakou. Ecouter, recycler, expérimenter

For the last five years the musical program of LUFF has opened with the release of a sound artist's book-CD, followed by a concert. This year a French language edition of the texts of Yan Jun will be presented. A Chinese poet and musician, born in Lanzhou in 1973, he now lives in Bijing. A co-founder of the collective Sub Jam (1998) and the label Kwanyin (2004), he is one of the main figures of the contemporary experimental scene in China. His work revisits the heritage of a generation who searched through the rubble and surplus of Western industrial productions in Chinese markets, wherein a musical and poetic universe was born, made up of inventive recyclings, rich in multiple experimentations, creating a fragile and funny form, subtly criticizing contemporary worlds.

The work is completed by an original CD «Micro Feedback: Trigger», that provides a glimpse of his sonic universes.

Yan Jun, «Génération dakou. Écouter, recycler, expérimenter», traduit du chinois et de l'anglais par Antoine Guex et Aline Hostettler, collection Rip on/off, éditeur Patrick van Dieren, Paris, 2012.


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